Let's Play Pokémon Snakewood!


Part 4; The Sea, Dewford, and the Entrance to Famine’s Realm.

The Sea, Dewford, and the Entrance to Famine’s Realm.

Hope you have time, folks, cuz this is gonna be a long one. From your spot on the beach where I last left you, post-battle with Laura, head back down into Rustboro, through the Petalburg Woods, and down onto the beach to the west of Petalburg. Teach a Pokémon surf, then get in the water. Go straight south, taking out trainers as you go. (To make things easier, I’ll list them all here.)

TRAINER: Swimmer Dawn
POKéMON: Sealeo (lv.16)
LOCATION: First swimmer you come across on the way to Dewford.

TRAINER: Swimmer Beverly
POKéMON: Wailmer x2 (lv.18)
LOCATION: South of Dawn.

TRAINER: Pirate Arturo
POKéMON: Meowth (lv.18), Persian (lv.19)
LOCATION: He’s on the island with all the trees to the left of Beverly.

TRAINER: Swimmer Vegas
POKéMON: Magikarp (lv.20), Qwilfish (lv.19), Wingull (lv.23)
LOCATION: Walk around Pirate Arturo and surf up behind the island he’s on.

TRAINER: Swimmer Luis
POKéMON: Carvanha (lv.16)
LOCATION: Right next to the island Arturo’s on.

TRAINER: Swimmer Beatrice
POKéMON: Wailmer (lv.16)
LOCATION: Pretty much straight south from Luis.

TRAINER: Swimmer Pekabo
POKéMON: Qwilfish x2 (lv.24)
LOCATION: Directly north of Dewford.

TRAINER: Black Belt Smash Shot
POKéMON: Makuhita x2 (lv.20), Hitmontop (lv.24)
LOCATION: To the right of Solar Caverns.

All right, now that you’ve reached Dewford, it’s time to explore! If you try to enter Solar Caverns, you’ll hear a roar and be too frightened to continue. Talk to the fisherman on the beach to get your first rod, the Old Rod.

You can enter Dewford Hall now, if you wish, but you won’t get anything helpful from the people inside. Instead, head to the house by the dock, where a guy who claims to be Laura (yes, the girl you battled to get the Balance Badge) to get the Plus Band. The other house will get you TM31, Ice Punch. 

Now that you’ve explored (what you can), it’s time to go to the gym! Once you enter, you’ll notice it’s pitch black (except for the circle of light that helps you know where you’re going.) For now, try to avoid trainers, you can get them again in a little bit. From the entrance, go right, and take the first down path you cross. Continue right, keep going past the first up path until you reach the second. Follow it straight up, then go as far left as you can. From there, go down. You’ll meet a trainer, the only unavoidable battle in the gym.

TRAINER: Rocker Beldum
POKéMON: Shinx x2 (lv.16), Luxio (lv.16)

Once you beat him, go left, then up, and you’ll meet the leader of the gym, Haruko. You can’t battle her yet- first, you must brave the frightening roar coming from Solar Caverns and find out what’s going on in there. Take the path you took coming in to get out, then heal up and head to Solar Caverns.

While you’re here, catch a Makuhita. Dark types are weak to Fighting, and the gym specializes in Dark Pokémon.

In Solar Caverns, you’ll be stopped frequently when the character hears the roar. You’ll have a painful flashback near the second ladder, and all it says is “GRAAAAAAAOOOOGH! Our contract is terminated!” Oh God, what’s that mean? Well, continue on to find out. By the rock with the Neverstone, you’ll have another flashback, this time an image. Keep going until you reach the cave where, in the original game, you meet Steven to deliver the letter. But in this game, nothing’s there…

Until Meteor, the Dragon King, appears. At which point, it appears to be another flashback, another mention of the terminated contract. You talk for a bit about how he thought Pestilence arranged for your death, then it’s time to battle!

BOSS BATTLE: Dragon King Meteor 
POKéMON: Dragon (lv.22)

Beat him, he’ll leave… Grab TM11 on your way out and head back to the gym.


TRAINER: Rocker Tyrone
POKéMON: Shinx x2 (lv.16), Luxio (lv.18)

TRAINER: Film Student Miguel
POKéMON: Sneasel (lv.15), Poochyena x2 (lv.16 & 18), Carvanha (lv.17)

TRAINER: Film Student Kongamoto
POKéMON: Sneasel (lv.22)

TRAINER: Pirate Matteo
POKéMON: Meowth (lv.22)

TRAINER: Pirate Franklin
POKéMON: Meowth (lv.17), Persian (lv.20)

TRAINER: Rocker Marvin
POKéMON: Carvanha (lv.20)

Now on to the big one… Leader Haruko!


POKéMON: Poochyena (lv.18)
Absol (lv.18)
Carvanha (lv.19)
Sneasel (lv.22)
Luxray (lv.25)
Kingmadio (lv.1)

Kingmadio has Wonder Guard, therefore no attack can hit it. I suggest you use a status effect, like Poison Gas, or wait for it to Struggle itself to death. The only move it has is Night Shade, which has 15 PP (or 24 if a PP Max is used). Haruko will use 2 Super Potions on Kingmadio, but no more than that.

Once you beat Haruko, take the Miasma Badge and TM08, Bulk Up. Once you leave the gym, you’ll get a call from Birch, who will tell you to talk to people around Dewford to see if you can find information on Landon & May’s locations. Go straight to Dewford Hall and talk to the people there. The kid wandering near the TV will tell you that they went to the desert. You’ll call up Birch and ask where the desert is.

Now it’s time to surf east from Dewford. Heal up, it’s a long way to go. (Again, listing this route’s trainers here.)

TRAINER: Swimmer Tarquin
POKéMON: Qwilfish (lv.22)

TRAINER: Swimmer Mikhail
POKéMON: Barboach (lv.23)

TRAINER: Sis & Bro Simon & Tabby
POKéMON: Staryu (lv.23) & Psyduck (lv.23)

TRAINER: Swimmer Kris
POKéMON: Totodile (lv.22), Wooper (lv.22)

TRAINER: Swimmer Jackaby
POKéMON: Qwilfish (lv.22), Telson (lv.23)

Ignore the Abandoned Ship for now, you can’t get on it.

TRAINER: Pirate Jésus
POKéMON: Meowth x3 (lv.16)

There’s a medical kit nearby if you need to heal.

TRAINER: Gentleman Ricardo
POKéMON: Growlithe (lv.22), Ponyta (lv.22), Shinx (lv.23), Raticate (lv.23)

TRAINER: Young Couple Jan & Jon
POKéMON: Secretegg (lv.22) & Linoone (lv.22)

TRAINER: Swimmer Erlandu
POKéMON: Nuzleaf (lv.24), Grumpig (lv.26)

That was the last trainer on this route- keep surfing north until you reach the beach.

Congrats, you’ve just entered Famine’s realm. Tread carefully, because this place is fraught with danger and madness…

Tune in next time for: Enter Famine!

Part 3; Rustboro: Home of the Demons!

Rustboro: Home of the Demons!

Before you get to Rustboro, there’s a few things for you to do once you exit the Petalburg Woods. To your left, you’ll notice a Pikachu head on a stick. Talk to it, and loot a Super Potion from it. Head up behind the Pretty Petal Flower Shop. In the first blank square you pass, you’ll find a Pokéball. Grab the item ball, which holds a Light Potion. Find the two caddy-corner blank squares- the bottom one holds a Super Potion. That’s all the items to be had here, head back down and enter the flower shop.

Surprise surprise, no one’s here. Grab the item ball, which has the Wailmer Pail, and use the medical kit in the corner if you need to. Leave and keep heading east- time for a few battles.

TRAINER: Survivor Tilly
POKéMON: Poochyena (lv.11)

Beat her, then go on and talk to the old lady, who will tell you about the demon problem in Rustboro. She’ll give you TM09, Grasswhistle, and ask you to rid Rustboro of demons. All right then. Cross the bridge, time for another battle!

TRAINER: Fisherman Dustan
POKéMON: Magikarp x3 (lv.19)

He gives you a good bit of info: zombies can’t cross running water. Does that mean Dewford’s safe? Maybe. Keep going, and battle the zombie kid.

TRAINER: Zombie Kid Harvey
POKéMON: Rotmander (lv.10), Graveill (lv.10)

Now head up, to the fence. Follow it right, then up. Follow the path here to find a Defend Plus. Head back down to battle a zombie duo- your first double battle. 

TRAINER: Zombie Duo Doug & Lola
POKéMON: Shrivlsaur (lv.10), Entrailtle (lv.12)

They’ll crumble to dust, and you’re free to head on into Rustboro. First thing you’ll want to do is go to what used to be the Cut Man’s house- it’s now been turned into a PokéCenter! Heal, and chat up the people inside. The man on the chairs will give you a MUSH MASK, the first item in an item trading chain. Keep it, you will DEFINITELY need this later. Head back out, and into the tall building to the south. Inside you’ll find two battles.

TRAINER: Demon Corpse Orobas
POKéMON: Dirtkrow (lv.16)

TRAINER: Severed Head Kent
POKéMON: Eye-Eye x2 (lv.14)

Whomp ‘em, then head back out to battle the severed head next to the building.

TRAINER: Severed Head Benji
POKéMON: Eye-Eye (lv.14)

There’s another supply crate to the right, with an unlimited supply of Light Potions. Get a bunch if you need them, heal up, and head north to find Alicia. You’ll learn she’s a servant of Lord Gravetric, and that she summoned the demons in the woods. Time to battle!

TRAINER: Deathcaller Alicia
POKéMON: Sableye (lv.10), Shuppet (lv.10), Sneasel (lv.15)

Beat her, and she’ll tell you she’s going back to Verdanturf. Cool story, bro. Head into what used to be the trainer’s school. Read the diary on the desk to learn that Elise was taken, and a kid committed suicide with the last bullet. Interesting. Grab the Demon Horn behind the desk and head out. Up north, you’ll stop, and overhear an interesting conversation. You’re seeing invisible people, here. But how? You overhear that the guy found the vessel that is letting the demons through, and that they intend to dismantle it. Sounds like something you can help with. They’ll leave, and you’ll be free to move again.

Head up into the gym, where you’ll find TM39, Rock Tomb. Leave, and go in the house to the right. Loot the hiker (you’ll get a Zombie Liver.) Now continue north and east, where you’ll meet Gleis. He wants to test you, to see if you’re strong enough to handle the demons. Battle time!

TRAINER: Taoist Gleis
POKéMON: Faceleech (lv.17)

Faceleech is fast, but very weak. Beat him, he’ll tell you he’d be glad to have your help. Follow the path (I suggest training. Seriously.) Ignore the zombies, they’ve already been taken care of. Grab the item ball, then head off to Rusturf Tunnel. Gleis’ servant Dantalion is waiting, talk to him, then enter the cave. Grab the Pokéball, then talk to Gleis. He’ll explain how demons are summoned, and that he’s going to use a spell to stop them from coming. 

Cue a flashback! You recognize the vessel- she’s Elise, the Cut Man’s daughter! (Is she possibly the Elise that was taken from the trainer’s school?) Hmm… Now you have to battle two demons, so get ready.

TRAINER: Demon Belial
POKéMON: Anorith x2 (lv.16 & 17)

TRAINER: Demon Asmodeus
POKéMON: Anorith x2 (lv.16 & 17)

Once you defeat those demons, Gleis will close the path to the pit and Elise will vanish, having been consumed by the energy released from the ending of the spell.

Now Gleis will leave, and you should go on to Verdanturf. Heal if needed, though, another battle awaits. Grab the Max Ether, then leave the tunnel.

Once outside, you’ll have a flashback, which will cause you to black out and tumble down a cliff. Alicia will notice you and take you to her boss, Pestilence, a familiar face… She says that she thought you were destroyed along with your deadbeat town. She goes on to say she’s the only female member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and now it’s time to battle.

TRAINER: Horseman Pestilence
POKéMON: Moulder x2 (lv.16 & 17), Qwilfish (lv.18)

Once you beat her, she’ll leave. Alicia stays though, and apologizes. She leaves behind something… It’s a Pokédex! Grab it, then head up and around and into the cave. You’ll find yourself in Endless Plains. Head up to find Larry the Looter, if you need supplies or to get rid of some of the stuff in your bag. Grab the item ball in the corner- HM01, Cut. Teach it to a Pokémon, then head back to Rustboro.

Don’t worry, you’re not done yet. Go into the house by the tunnel and loot the corpse for a Gamble Fish. Grab the item ball next to the house- a Special Plus. You’ll get a call here, from Professor Birch. He’ll tell you that Landon & May were seen in Dewford a few weeks ago. He’ll also say you’ll need Surf and a Balance Badge, and to check around Rustboro. Once the call ends, head back to the city and go north.

Cut the tree and head up. Battle time!

TRAINER: Ghost Girl Theresa
POKéMON: Shrivlsaur (lv.16), Charmeworm (lv.16)

Beat her, then loot the guy to the north. You’ll get a Magikarp, and it’s holding HM03, Surf. That’s one thing needed to get to Dewford down… Head down onto the beach to find Laura, the last trainer left from the Petalburg Gym. Another battle? Bring it.

TRAINER: Normal Girl Laura
POKéMON: Zangoose (lv.16), Delcatty (lv.17)

Easy enough, and now you have the Balance Badge. Next stop, Dewford!

Thanks for joining me. Tune in next time for: The Sea, Dewford, and the Entrance to Famine’s Realm.

Part 2; Petalburg City, Lootin’ Corpses, and the Petalburg Woods.

Welcome back, friends, to the second installment of ‘Let’s Play Pokémon Snakewood!’ Let’s get started.

Petalburg City, Lootin’ Corpses, and the Petalburg Woods.

Welcome to Petalburg City, Where People Mingle with Nature! The first thing you’ll notice is that the PokéCenter and PokéMart are gone. That’s cool, head on up and  you’ll find a satchel- talk to it, and you’ll find that it’s actually a Medical Kit and will heal your Pokémon! Get aquainted with these, you’ll see them a lot. Once you’re healed, talk to the wandering zombie. Battle time!

TRAINER: Ghost Girl Dani
POKéMON: Oozle (lv.7)

Beat her, she’ll crumble to dust, and head to the house in the south. Enter, and talk to the lady sitting by the table. She’s dead! Want to loot her corpse? You recieve Leftovers!

Yes, you really did just loot a corpse. And it won’t be the last time. So exit the house, and head to the gym. You’ll find that the door is blocked up with a mess of skulls and stuff. Keep this gym in mind, you can come back later.

Well, that’s all there is to do in Petalburg at this point, so head left. You’ll meet a kid who saw your brother! You talk for a moment, then zombies attack and he saves your ass and tells you to run. So you run away and let him die. Sad day, cry later. Return to Petalburg and enter what used to be Wally’s house- now it’s abandoned, except for a crate. In this crate is an UNLIMITED supply of Light Potions. Grab as many as you want/need and then head on out. It’s time to go to the beach!

You’ll see a zombie to the north- don’t worry, he won’t bother you. Head down onto the beach- it’s battle time.

TRAINER: Looter Laurence
POKéMON: Seedot (lv.6), Taillow (lv.8)

Beat him, and talk to the bug catcher by the sea, and you’ll learn that if zombies taste salt, they’ll turn back into a corpse- one that isn’t reanimated and won’t attack you. Leave the beach and talk to the kid in front of Mr. Briney’s house- turns out Briney’s a zombie and you can’t use him to get to Dewford. Too bad. Head around and up for another battle.

TRAINER: Looter Richie
POKéMON: Surskit (lv.11)

Once you beat him, head into the woods. Immediately head right- if you need supplies, talk to the Looter, he sells a variety of items you might find useful. The blank square to his right holds a Super Potion- grab it, then exit to the south. Grab the Pokéball, then talk to the lady. She’ll trade you an Anadrin Talon for a potion, then vanish. Head back into the woods. I suggest you train up a bit, there are demons in the woods and they aren’t as easy as the zombies. Grab the Paralyz Heal, then continue on. 

TRAINER: Survivor Lyle
POKéMON: Slakoth (lv.7), Ralts (lv.7), Wurmple (lv.7)

This Survivor is worried about your welfare- there’s demons here, you know. So get ready to fight for your life- here’s the first one.

TRAINER: Demon Corpse Zabulon
POKéMON: Houndsour (lv.11), Dirtkrow (lv.13)

Once you defeat her, you loot the dust she leaves behind and find a Stone Badge! Now you’ll have another flashback of your brother telling you the Stone Badge raises your Pokémon’s attack. 

Head on, and you’ll meet a wandering boy- talk to him, and he’ll tell you he can feel the poison turning his brain to soup, and then he’ll vanish, because he died. In the blank square, you’ll find a Pokéball. To the north, you’ll find an Ether. Head right, but don’t leave the forest quite yet, there’s another battle to be had.

TRAINER: Demon Corpse Andromalius
POKéMON: Secretegg (lv.12)

Bash her up real good, and keep going right, you’ll find another Medical Kit if you need to heal. Now that that’s done, leave the woods.

Congrats, you’re heading on towards harder things! Keep an eye out for the third installment: Rustboro: Home of the Demons!

Part 1; Littleroot, to Oldale, to… Oh God what kind of messed up world have I walked into?

Hello, friends, and welcome to an unknown, unauthorized, attempted walkthrough of Pokémon Snakewood. This awesome hack was created by a dude called Cutlerine at Pokécommunity, and here, on this Tumblr, I will attempt to unravel the mysteries that this game holds.

So fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gents, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

To start, you’re obviously not new to Pokémon, so you know how to select a character (male or female?) and name yourself. So let’s get started.

First up: Littleroot, to Oldale, to… Oh God what kind of messed up world have I walked into?

You wake up in the destroyed town of Littleroot, wondering who the hell you are and what the hell is going on. You wander around, read a few signs, then you find three Pokéballs. One is rotating slowly, one is spewing noxious gas, and the third has an air of ill health about it. For the sake of the walkthrough, I will tell you- the first one holds a Baltoy, the second a Koffing, the third a Paras. Supposedly Baltoy is the best choice, as it makes the game the easiest, but I chose Koffing.

After you choose your starter, start heading north. You’ll hear a commotion, and run to find out what’s happening. Someone you don’t know is being attacked by… a ZOMBIE? You don’t know what’s going on, but you can’t let some innocent man get eaten. Call out your Pokémon, because it’s about to get ugly.

TRAINER: Zombie Kid Liam
POKéMON: Boilbasaur (lv.3)

Cue battle music! Your opponent, Zombie Kid Liam, sends out his Boilbasaur, a zombified version of Bulbasaur. (Note: neither the Kanto starters nor their zombified versions are catchable in this game.) Again- you’re obviously not new to Pokémon, you know how to battle. Beat this kid and get to talking with the stranger.

Turns out you do know him- He’s Professor Birch, you’ve known him for years! You talk a bit longer, then he takes you to the fortified version of Oldale. The PokéCenter is guarded, the town is blocked off to the south, and there’s a guard at the west entrance. If you want, you can explore, but there’s not much to do besides heal your Pokémon, trade gossip, and get a few supplies. Talk to the PokéMart employee beside the house to the right, get a free Light Potion, and then head North.

Birch is waiting for you by a tree, and here you’ll get a Pokémon Egg! Now you get to the juicy stuff- your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you will, you don’t have a choice), is to head off into the zombie infested world and find your brother Landon and his girlfriend May. You’ll now recieve the PokéPhone, which will allow Birch to contact you whenever he desires (but you can’t call him) while he tries to fix the old PC network. Stay north and train a bit- your second trainer battle is coming up.

Once you’ve trained, head back into Oldale and go left. You’ll notice that the guard that was blocking the way is done with his shift, and there’s a stranger in town! Head toward the exit, and the new girl will stop you. It’s time to battle!

TRAINER: Deathcaller Alicia
POKéMON: Sneasel (lv.5)

All she has is a level 5 Sneasel, so you can easily stomp her and be on your merry way. Once you win, she’ll tell you her name is Alicia, and that you can now tremble in fear when you hear her name. Yawn… She’ll leave, and you can continue your journey to Petalburg.

Along the way, you’ll meet a few zombies. one is attacking a youngster, who is stuck between a rock and a tree, with no escape in sight. Help him out, he’ll reward you for it!

TRAINER: Ghost Girl Lizzie
POKéMON: Polihag (lv.4), Rotmander (lv.4)

Once you defeat this abomination, the kid will talk to you and give you the Running Shoes! At which point you’ll have a flashback and your brother will tell you to hold down B to run. Keep heading west, there’s more battles to be had.

TRAINER: Ghost Girl Rica
POKéMON: Graveill (lv.4) x2

Stomp her flat and keep going. You can try to talk to the zombie you see in the corner, but he’s eating something and you don’t want to know what it is. Jump the ledge to the right of the two trainers in your way to Petalburg and find a Broken Heart! Whatever you do, do NOT get rid of it, you’ll need it later on in the game. For what, I’m not sure, because Cutlerine isn’t at that point yet with the game. So, keep going, and here’s your next two battles.

TRAINER: Ghost Girl Janice
POKéMON: Rotmander (lv.9)

TRAINER: Zombie Kid Allen
POKéMON: Boilbasaur x2 (lv.5 & 6)

Beat them up and head into Petalburg.

Thank you for joining me thus far on my journey to document the happenings of Pokémon Snakewood. Be ready for the next installment: Petalburg City, Lootin’ Corpses, and the Petalburg Woods.