Let's Play Pokémon Snakewood!


Part 2; Petalburg City, Lootin’ Corpses, and the Petalburg Woods.

Welcome back, friends, to the second installment of ‘Let’s Play Pokémon Snakewood!’ Let’s get started.

Petalburg City, Lootin’ Corpses, and the Petalburg Woods.

Welcome to Petalburg City, Where People Mingle with Nature! The first thing you’ll notice is that the PokéCenter and PokéMart are gone. That’s cool, head on up and  you’ll find a satchel- talk to it, and you’ll find that it’s actually a Medical Kit and will heal your Pokémon! Get aquainted with these, you’ll see them a lot. Once you’re healed, talk to the wandering zombie. Battle time!

TRAINER: Ghost Girl Dani
POKéMON: Oozle (lv.7)

Beat her, she’ll crumble to dust, and head to the house in the south. Enter, and talk to the lady sitting by the table. She’s dead! Want to loot her corpse? You recieve Leftovers!

Yes, you really did just loot a corpse. And it won’t be the last time. So exit the house, and head to the gym. You’ll find that the door is blocked up with a mess of skulls and stuff. Keep this gym in mind, you can come back later.

Well, that’s all there is to do in Petalburg at this point, so head left. You’ll meet a kid who saw your brother! You talk for a moment, then zombies attack and he saves your ass and tells you to run. So you run away and let him die. Sad day, cry later. Return to Petalburg and enter what used to be Wally’s house- now it’s abandoned, except for a crate. In this crate is an UNLIMITED supply of Light Potions. Grab as many as you want/need and then head on out. It’s time to go to the beach!

You’ll see a zombie to the north- don’t worry, he won’t bother you. Head down onto the beach- it’s battle time.

TRAINER: Looter Laurence
POKéMON: Seedot (lv.6), Taillow (lv.8)

Beat him, and talk to the bug catcher by the sea, and you’ll learn that if zombies taste salt, they’ll turn back into a corpse- one that isn’t reanimated and won’t attack you. Leave the beach and talk to the kid in front of Mr. Briney’s house- turns out Briney’s a zombie and you can’t use him to get to Dewford. Too bad. Head around and up for another battle.

TRAINER: Looter Richie
POKéMON: Surskit (lv.11)

Once you beat him, head into the woods. Immediately head right- if you need supplies, talk to the Looter, he sells a variety of items you might find useful. The blank square to his right holds a Super Potion- grab it, then exit to the south. Grab the Pokéball, then talk to the lady. She’ll trade you an Anadrin Talon for a potion, then vanish. Head back into the woods. I suggest you train up a bit, there are demons in the woods and they aren’t as easy as the zombies. Grab the Paralyz Heal, then continue on. 

TRAINER: Survivor Lyle
POKéMON: Slakoth (lv.7), Ralts (lv.7), Wurmple (lv.7)

This Survivor is worried about your welfare- there’s demons here, you know. So get ready to fight for your life- here’s the first one.

TRAINER: Demon Corpse Zabulon
POKéMON: Houndsour (lv.11), Dirtkrow (lv.13)

Once you defeat her, you loot the dust she leaves behind and find a Stone Badge! Now you’ll have another flashback of your brother telling you the Stone Badge raises your Pokémon’s attack. 

Head on, and you’ll meet a wandering boy- talk to him, and he’ll tell you he can feel the poison turning his brain to soup, and then he’ll vanish, because he died. In the blank square, you’ll find a Pokéball. To the north, you’ll find an Ether. Head right, but don’t leave the forest quite yet, there’s another battle to be had.

TRAINER: Demon Corpse Andromalius
POKéMON: Secretegg (lv.12)

Bash her up real good, and keep going right, you’ll find another Medical Kit if you need to heal. Now that that’s done, leave the woods.

Congrats, you’re heading on towards harder things! Keep an eye out for the third installment: Rustboro: Home of the Demons!